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Nickel Alloy Spring Wire

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China Hunan Fushun Metal Co., Ltd. certification
China Hunan Fushun Metal Co., Ltd. certification
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Nickel Alloy Spring Wire

Nickel Alloy Spring Wire
Nickel Alloy Spring Wire

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Product Details:

Nickel Alloy Spring Wire


Nickel Alloy Spring Wire


Fushun produces a full line of nickel alloy spring wire, produced for the performance required in aerospace, automotive, oil & gas, and general industrial applications. Wire is available in a range of alloys and packaging options.


Why choose our nickel alloy spring wire?

Our wire exhibits excellent coiling ability at high speeds and often requires no additional lubricant. This results in less stress on coiling equipment, preserving equipment life, minimizing downtime and maximizing throughput and profits. If additional lubrication is required, we offer several performance coating options.


Our technical and metallurgical team talk through spring manufacturers’ technical requirements, material application and help solve potential manufacturing situations around the need for corrosion resistant and high temperature performing wire.


We understand exactly what the spring maker needs for precision coiling and supply exactly how they want it, guaranteeing consistency in temper and a dead cast whether that is wire in coils with a soap coating or clean on spools. There is even the option of straight bars.


What is nickel alloy spring wire?

Nickel-based alloys are especially useful spring materials. Their chemical composition makes them highly corrosion resistant, and they perform well in extreme high and low temperatures. Most nickel alloys are nonmagnetic, an important property for devices such as gyroscopes, chronoscopes, and indicating instruments. Nickel alloys exhibit high electrical resistance, and therefore should not be used as electrical conductors.


Nickel alloys for use in harsher environments include MP35N, Inconel® 718, Inconel® 600, and Alloy X750. Tensile Strengths range from gull soft to full hard “spring temper”. Performance is tested on every lot of material to ensure we meet your requirements, and full reports are available upon request.


Where nickel alloy spring wire use?

As specialists in High Performance nickel alloys, one of our largest and most diverse markets globally is the spring manufacturing industry. They produce compression springs, tension springs, torsion springs and formed parts from our wire to perform in critically demanding places like aircraft engines, nuclear installations, valves and deep down oil wells – where other wire fails to perform.


Size of nickel alloy spring wire

What we do really well is producing any wire size between 0.025mm (.001”) to 21mm (.827”) to precise tolerances – typically delivered within 3 weeks. The spring industry today is demanding more wire that is certified to an increasing number of specifications, or produced to the customer’s own special mechanical properties, which we also support very well. Other sizes and alloys are available upon request.


Grades and Standard

Material (Nickel) Modulus of Elasticity Magnetic Corosion Fatigue T.P/T.S.** Maximum Safe Temp. Corrosion Resistance (General) Spring Temp.Range (KSI)
Torsion 10’ Tension 10’ High Low
M400 10 10 Varies Good   450 ℉ -320 ℉ Good 145/180
K-500 10 10 No Good 38/42 500 ℉ -423℉ Good 145/195
600 11 11 No Good 40/45 750℉ -423℉ Good 170/230
601 11.5 11.5 No Good       Good 120/205
625 11 11 No Excellent   700℉ -423℉ Excellent  
718* 11 11 No Good   1200℉ -423℉ Good 210/250
X750 11 11 No Good 40/45 1200℉ -453℉ Good 190/230
800 11 11 No Good       Good 140/175
805 9 9 Slight Good       Good 150/190
825 10 10 No Good       Good  
*NS902 9.5 9.5 Slight Fair       Fair 140/160
H C-276 11.4 11.4 No Excellent       Excellent  


Recommended Thermal Treatments

Alloy Stress Equalizing
Temp °F Time (hrs)*
Age Hardening
Temp (°F) Time (hrs)*
Maximum Safe Operation Temperature (°F)
alloy 400 575-650 1/2-1 Not Possible 450
alloy K-500 575 1/2-1 1,000 4-10 500
nickel 300 575 1/2-1 900 8 600
alloy 600 800-900 1/2-1 Not Possible 750
alloy 625 Not recommended Not Possible 700
alloy X750 Spring temper 875 3 1,200 4 700
alloy X750 (>0.025” diam.) w1 Temper (15% cold work) Not recommended 1,350 16 1,000
alloy X750 (Annealed) Spring temper (<0.025” diam.) Not recommended 1,350 16 1,200
alloy X750 Spring temper Age hardening also relieves stress Solution treat at 2,100 for 2hrs high temp age at for 1,550 24hrs regular age at 1,300 for 20 hrs 1,200
alloy 718 Spring temper Age hardening also relieves stress 1,325 for 8 hrs, 1,150 for 8 hrs 1,000
alloy 718 Temper (15% cold work) Not recommended 1,800fori hr, 1,320for8hrs furnace cool to 1,150 for 8 hrs 1,200
Ni-Span C 902 750 1.4 1,100-1,350 4-5  
alloy 805 (Temperature compensating) 750 1/2 Not Possible  
alloy 825 800 1 Not Possible  


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