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BS DIN EN C70D C70D2 Cold Hard Drawn Round Steel Wire

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China Hunan Fushun Metal Co., Ltd. certification
China Hunan Fushun Metal Co., Ltd. certification
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BS DIN EN C70D C70D2 Cold Hard Drawn Round Steel Wire

BS DIN EN C70D C70D2 Cold Hard Drawn Round Steel Wire
BS DIN EN C70D C70D2 Cold Hard Drawn Round Steel Wire BS DIN EN C70D C70D2 Cold Hard Drawn Round Steel Wire

Large Image :  BS DIN EN C70D C70D2 Cold Hard Drawn Round Steel Wire

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Fushun
Certification: ISO9001:2008
Model Number: C70D C70D2
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 0.1-0.5-1 tons
Packaging Details: nylon/pallet/case
Delivery Time: 15-30 days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 40000 tons per year

BS DIN EN C70D C70D2 Cold Hard Drawn Round Steel Wire

Diameter: 0.05-8mm Form Of Delivery: A Coil (singles, Carriers Or Formers), Spools, Spoolless Cores Or As Straight Lengths.
Drawn Condition: Dry Drawn/paste Draw/gray Bright/wet Drawn/liquor Finished Heat Treatment: Patenting
Surface Condition: Bright /phosphate Coated /reddish /copper Plated/galvanised /zinc/aluminium Coated/yellow Coated/white (liquor Finished) EN 10016-2: C70D
EN 10016-4: C70D2 Stanard: BS EN 10207-1 C70D C70D2
High Light:

8mm Hard Drawn Spring Wire


C70D Hard Drawn Spring Wire


Fushun Cold Drawn Spring Wire

BS DIN EN C70D C70D2 Cold Hard Drawn Round Steel Wire for Spring Application


Grade : C70D
Number: 1.0615
Classification: Non-alloy steel
EN 10016-2: 1995 Non-alloy steel rods for drawing and/or cold rolling. Specific requirements for general purpose rod
Equivalent Materials
GB C70DGB U53702IS IS1835IS IS7904ISO C70DDIN D70-2IS nanDIN 1.0615DIN D 70-2DIN C70DAFNOR C70DBS C70DAISI 1070SAE 1070EN 1.0615GOST 70GOST 3K-7GB 70GB U20702GB/T 70GB/T U20702GB/T C70DGB/T U53702GB/T U59702ASTM Grade 1070MUNS G10700

C70D C70D2 Spring Steel Wire Chemical composition

Steel name Steel number C % Si% Mn% P % max. S % max. Cr % max. Ni % max. Mo % max. Cl% max. Al % max. N% max.
C70D 1.0615 0,68-0,73 0,10-0,30 0,50-0,80 35 35 0.15 0.2 0.05 0.25 0.01 /
C70D2 1.1251 0,68-0,72 0,10-0,30 0,50-0,70 0,020 0,025 0,10 0,10 0,03 0,15 0,01 0,007


Supplying Size:



Our Advantage

1. Stable linearity, good formability. Uniform and beautiful surface condition.

2. High plasticity and good fatigue resistance. And we provide Self-Inspection Reports and    Raw-Material Test Certificates.

3. Professional anti-rust protective packaging. On time delivery, competitive price.

4. Large stock available, no MOQ requirement.


C70D C70D2 Spring Steel Wire Drawing condition

All cold drawn spring wire is commonly shaped by drawing. A distinction as to the method of drawing can be

made between:

1 dry drawn (d): drawn through pulverized lubricants such as soap, stearates or similar substances;

2 paste drawn (ps): drawn through very viscous greases of mineral oil base, tallow, synthetic waxes or similar substances;

3 gray bright (gr): drawn through rape oil, thin-bodied mineral oils or similar substances;

4 wet drawn (w): drawn through aqueous emulsions of greases or oil emulsions;

5 liquor finished (l): drawn through aqueous solutions with or without addition of metal salts.


C70D C70D2 Spring Steel Wire Form of delivery

The wire shall be delivered in unit packages of a coil (singles, carriers or formers), spools, spoolless cores or as straight lengths. Unless otherwise agreed at the time of ordering, the form of delivery will be coils; straight lengths shall be supplied in bundles.


C70D C70D2 Spring Steel Wire Coating and surface finish

The spring wire may be supplied phosphate coated (ph) either dry drawn or wet drawn, copper coated (cu), zinc (Z) or zinc/aluminium (ZA) coated.

Other coatings, considered as special, can be agreed between the purchaser and the supplier. If no specific surface finish is specified, the type of finish shall be at the manufacturers discretion. In addition the wire can be ordered with an oiled surface for all surface finishes.


C70D C70D2 Spring Steel Wire Surface treatment

The surface for spring wire generally has a coating for facilitating wire drawing and spring forming.

Exceptionally the material will be uncoated. Common surface coatings are:

1 bright (b): without any special coating: standard borax coating or lime-coating may be applied;

2 phosphate coated (ph): the wire has been treated in a solution to form a metal-phosphate layer on the surface;

3 reddish (rd): the surface is covered with a thin copper, generally a conversion coating;

4 copper plated (cu): the surface is covered with a (uniform) thick copper coating;

5 galvanised (Z): the surface is covered with a zinc coating;

6 zinc/aluminium coated (ZA): the surface is covered with a Zn 95/Al 5 coating;

7 yellow coated (y): this applies only to liquor finished products whereby a mixture of tin salts and copper salts are added at the liquor finishing;

8 white (liquor finished) (wh): this applies to liquor finished products whereby tin salts are added for liquor finishing


C70D C70D2 Spring Steel Wire Surface quality

The surface of the wire shall be smooth and as free as possible from grooves, tears, rust and other surface defects, which have a noticeable adverse effect on the application of the wire.

In the case of zinc or zinc/aluminium coated spring wire the amount of zinc or zinc/aluminium on the wire surface shall satisfy the minimum values specified


Information to be supplied by the purchaser

The purchaser shall clearly state in his enquiry or order the product and following information:

a) the desired quantity;

b) the term spring steel wire or straightened and cut lengths;

c) the number of this European standard: EN 10270-1;

d) the steel grade

e) the nominal wire diameter selected from Table 3 and for cut length the length and the length tolerance class

f) the coating indicated by its abbreviation and surface finish

g) the form of delivery and unit mass

h) the type of inspection document;

i) any particular agreement


C70D C70D2 Spring Steel Wire Manufacture Process

wire drawn to size by cold deformation of a starting material that has been subjected to a thermal treatment of patenting, giving structure suitable for subsequent rolling or drawing.

Patenting HEAT TREATMENT consisting of AUSTENITIZING followed by COOLING under conditions suitable for producing the appropriate structures for subsequent wire-drawing or rolling. The medium in which the PATENTING takes place should be specified, for example air, lead bath etc.


C70D C70D2 Spring Steel Wire Out of roundness

The difference between the maximum and minimum diameter of the wire at the same cross section shall not be more than 50 % of the total permissible deviation specified


Hard-drawn springs wire are affordable, flexible, and reliable carbon steel wire designed to withstand static loads and consistent stress. Also called cold-drawn spring steel, this wire type is manufactured to a specific diameter without additional tempering or processing. Improve your application with hard-drawn wire from Fushun. We're ISO 9001:2008-certified spring manufacturer dedicated to supplying our customers with high-performance spring products on time and at a competitive price. Hard-drawn spring steel wire, or HDMB spring wire, is manufactured using a cold-drawing process. During this activity, the wire being worked is coated in oil and pulled through one or more dies to reduce the wire width. One of the most economical and versatile steel wire types, hard-drawn wire is perfect for a range of general-purpose applications.

C70D C70D2 Spring Steel Wire Marking and packaging

Each unit shall be properly marked and identified so as to permit traceability and reference to the inspection documents.

The labels shall withstand normal handling and contact with oil; they shall show the information according to EN 10270-1. Other information shall be the subject of an arrangement between the parties.

Wire shipments shall be suitably protected against mechanical damage and/or contamination during transport.

BS DIN EN C70D C70D2 Cold Hard Drawn Round Steel Wire 0


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