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Company News
Coatings Available for Stainless Wire
Latest company news about Coatings Available for Stainless Wire

Coatings Available for Stainless Wire


Coatings are put on wire for ease of drawing the wire but also to provide lubricant for the spring coilers.


Soap Coated

Phosphate™: Gibbs Interwire trade name for soap drawn stainless

Non-metallic coating

Most common and least expensive coating available

How it is applied – Soap coating is a two-step process:

First, a precoat is put on the wire in the annealed condition. Drawing soaps then adhere to the precoat during the drawing stage. Thus, the coating is composed of pre-coat and drawing soaps.

Note: Each mill uses different pre-coats and drawing soaps


Nickel Coating

Metallic premium coating

Higher cost than soap coated

Provides excellent lubricant for the spring coiler. A very consistent coating.

Can be drawn in soaps or oil

Soap-Drawn Nickel: provides more lubrication as soap will adhere to the nickel during the drawing process

Oil-Drawn Nickel: provides less lubricant but cleaner material (no soap residue)

How it works –

Nickel is put on the process wire (annealed condition) electrolytically and then drawn providing excellent adherence to the surface of the wire

Note: not all wire mills have the capability to provide this type of coating


Bright Finish

Very little lubricant

Not typically recommended for spring coiling

Used mainly where a bright wire is needed for aesthetics (luster) and/or a functional bright finish (when surface finish, Ra, RMS, roughness can affect the performance of the end product)

Example Application: Bright Finish is standard in medical wire

How it works –

Wire is drawn in diamond dies and oil to provide the bright, lustrous finish

Note: Generally finer diameters (.030 & below) are requested in this finish in the spring temper condition

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