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SWOSC-B Oil Tempered Spring Steel Wire Oil Hardened Wire

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China Hunan Fushun Metal Co., Ltd. certification
China Hunan Fushun Metal Co., Ltd. certification
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SWOSC-B Oil Tempered Spring Steel Wire Oil Hardened Wire

SWOSC-B Oil Tempered Spring Steel Wire Oil Hardened Wire
SWOSC-B Oil Tempered Spring Steel Wire Oil Hardened Wire SWOSC-B Oil Tempered Spring Steel Wire Oil Hardened Wire

Large Image :  SWOSC-B Oil Tempered Spring Steel Wire Oil Hardened Wire

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Fushun
Certification: ISO9001:2008
Model Number: SWOSC-B
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: NEGOTIABLE
Packaging Details: nylon/pallet/case
Delivery Time: 15-30 days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 40,000tons/year

SWOSC-B Oil Tempered Spring Steel Wire Oil Hardened Wire

GRADE: SWOSC-B Feature: Hardened
FROM: Wires Surface Condition: Black And Light Oiled
STANDARD: JIS G3560 SWOSC-B Classification: Oil Tempered Spring Steel Wire
High Light:

JIS G3560 spring tempered stainless steel wire


10mm spring tempered stainless steel wire



JIS G3560 SWOSC-B Oil Tempered Spring Steel Wire for Mechanical Springs


oil hardened and tempered spring steel wire that is heat treated in line in the following way: it is first transformed into austenite, quenched in oil or similar quenching medium, followed immediately by tempering by heating to the appropriate temperature.


Grade : SWOSC-B Classification: Structural steel Standards: JIS G 3560 : Oil tempered wire for mechanical springs Applications: Oil tempered wire sed for ordinary mechanical springs


Supplying Size:


Our Advantage
1. Stable linearity, good formability. Uniform and beautiful surface condition.
2. High plasticity and good fatigue resistance. And we provide Self-Inspection Reports and Raw-Material Test Certificates.
3. Professional anti-rust protective packaging. On time delivery, competitive price.
4. Large stock available, no MOQ requirement.

SWOSC-B Oil hardened spring steel wire Dimensional tolerances

Wire in coils

The tolerances level for the wire diameter is based on JIS G3560 level:

-T5 for wire diameter up to and including 0,80 mm;

-T4 for 0,80 mm up to 10,00 mm;

-T3 above 10,00 mm.

Wire in cut lengths

The requirements for length tolerances and straightness are as in JIS G3560. The tolerance on the nominal length shall only be in plus keeping the same tolerance range


SWOSC-B Oil hardened spring steel wire Chemical composition

C Si Mn P S Cr
0.51 - 0.59 1.20-1.60 0.50-0.90 max 0.025 max 0.025 0.55-0.90


SWOSC-B Non metallic inclusions

The VD grades shall be checked for maximum size of inclusion according to JIS G3560. The allowable level of inclusions shall be agreed between the parties at the enquiry and order.


Spring wire is a product with very specific technology. It has a strong structure and a good balance of flexibility and tensile strength. According to different surface treatments, spring wire can be divided into: Hot-dipped galvanized wire, electro-galvanized spring wire and PVC coated spring wire. In addition, we also provide stainless steel spring. In the mattress industry, spring wire is used to manufacture springs and hoops. In the Springs' industry, spring wire is used to manufacture mechanical springs. For other usages, our products also have gained a good reputation from the appliance as controlling cable or connecting wire for automobile industry and hard needle.


SWOSC-B Form of delivery

Oil hardened and tempered wire shall be supplied in coils, on spools or in cut lengths. The wire in coils or on spools shall form one continuous length. Wire in coil may also be supplied on carriers containing one or more coils.


For VD and TD grades no welds are permitted after the heat treatments preceding the final drawing operation; for 'FD' grades no welds shall be made at finished size unless agreed otherwise between the parties.


The supplied wire units shall be tightly bound to ensure that wire spiral waps do not spring out unforeseen. The starting end shall be marked and at the coil ends the wire shall be covered with a protective cap.


SWOSC-B Oil hardened spring steel wire Surface finish

The wire shall be protected against corrosion and mechanical damage. Unless otherwise specified the wire shall be delivered in slightly oiled condition.


SWOSC-B Oil hardened spring steel wire Surface quality

The surface of the wire shall be smooth and permissible depth of surface defects at the coil ends shall be in accordance with Table.

By in-line control of surface defects the areas of the coil with defects above the level of Table 7 shall be marked. In-line testing is not performed for FD-grades.

The number of defective parts that can be tolerated may be agreed between the parties.


SWOSC-B Surface decarburization

The wire grades according to this standard shall be free from total decarburization. The maximum depths of the partially decarburized zone shall be checked at the end of the coils.


SWOSC-B Testing and inspection

Coiling test

Torsion test

heat analysis;

result of the tensile test

result of the torsion test

actual wire diameter

Tensile test


Spring steel is an alloy that can withstand intense twisting and bending without becoming distorted. It is resilient and pliable, yet durable, which is perfect for a general use steel. Products made with this alloy can be bent, extended, compressed, or twisted, yet they will return to their original shape. This characteristic is commonly known as high yield strength. Spring steel’s high yield strength is achieved through one of two manufacturing processes: (1) Hardening by heat treatment and (2) Work hardening. There are many different types of spring steel. They may be identified by their steel grade, which is determined by a material’s chemical, physical, and environmental properties. They may also be identified by their application, such as compression, torsion, or tension.



Oil tempered wire is widely used for springs that require extremely high resistance to fatigue, heat, and permanent set in fatigue, including the valve springs of the engine, clutch springs, and suspension springs that are considered important security parts of automobiles. Our group's high-quality oil tempered wire has a large share in both domestic and overseas markets. Oil tempered wire is created through the process of oil tempering. Oil tempering is a process in which the wire is heated to extreme heats. The wire is then cooled with oil. This process strengthens the wire without making it brittle. Because oil tempered wire is strong yet flexible, it is used for springs. Oil tempered springs are often found in the automotive industry.


oil hardened and tempered spring steel wire made from unalloyed or alloyed steels. They are primarily subject to torsional stresses such as in compression and extension springs and in special cases also for applications where the spring wire is subject to bending stresses such as lever springs. As a rule unalloyed steels are used for applications at room temperature whereas alloyed steels are generally used at a temperature above room temperature. Alloyed steels may also be chosen for above average tensile strengths.


SWOSC-B Oil hardened and tempered spring steel wire Classification

The grade for normal applications made from unalloyed or alloyed steel has the abbreviation FD and is intended for static applications.

Spring steel wire for medium fatigue levels, such as required for some clutch springs from unailoyed or alloyed steel, has the abbreviation TD.

Spring steel wire from unalloyed steel or alloyed steel intended for use under severe dynamic duty such as for valve springs or other springs with similar requirements has the abbreviation VD.

Medium and high fatigue grades TD and VD are characterized by high steel cleanliness, specific chemical, mechanical and technological parameters and a well defined surface condition in relation to the allowable depth of surface defects and decarburization.

The static grade FD is characterized by its chemical, mechanical and technological characteristics as well as by a specified surface condition concerning surface defects and decarburization.


SWOSC-B Oil Tempered Spring Steel Wire Oil Hardened Wire 0

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