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Order Share: AISI 1050 High Carbon Steel Grade - 25 Tons of Cold Rolled Steel Strip

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China Hunan Fushun Metal Co., Ltd. certification
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Order Share: AISI 1050 High Carbon Steel Grade - 25 Tons of Cold Rolled Steel Strip

June 26, 2023
Latest company case about Order Share: AISI 1050 High Carbon Steel Grade - 25 Tons of Cold Rolled Steel Strip

Order Share: AISI 1050 High Carbon Steel Grade - 25 Tons of Cold Rolled Steel Strip




We are delighted to share the exciting details of our recent order for AISI 1050 high carbon steel grade. Fushun, a reputable name in the steel industry, takes immense pride in delivering exceptional products to meet the diverse needs of our esteemed clients worldwide. In this article, we provide comprehensive information about the order, highlighting its specifications, and emphasizing our commitment to professionalism and excellence.


Order Details:

Grade: AISI 1050 High Carbon Steel

Quantity: 25 Tons

Product Type: Cold Rolled Steel Strip



S.R. No. Commodities Name Steel Grade Dimensions QTY
(mm) (mm) (mm) KGS
1 Hot rolled round bars 50B 32 - 3000-3200 30,968
2 Cold drawn round bars 1050 10.5 - 3000 24,104
3 Cold rolled strip steel 1050 1.5 110 - 1,721
4 Cold rolled strip steel A3 0.7 35 - 2,299
5 Cold rolled steel sheets 1045 2.5 1250 2500 1,533
6 Hot rolled rolled steel sheets 1050 6 1270 2500 1,495


Product Description:

Our AISI 1050 high carbon steel grade is renowned for its remarkable strength, durability, and excellent wear resistance properties. Crafted using advanced manufacturing techniques and state-of-the-art technology, our cold rolled steel strips exhibit exceptional surface finish, dimensional accuracy, and uniformity. They are specifically designed to excel in various applications, such as automotive components, industrial machinery, and toolmaking.


Technical Specifications:


1. Chemical Composition:

- Carbon (C): 0.48% - 0.55%

- Manganese (Mn): 0.60% - 0.90%

- Phosphorus (P): 0.040% max

- Sulfur (S): 0.050% max


2. Mechanical Properties:

- Tensile Strength: 690 MPa (min)

- Yield Strength: 580 MPa (min)

- Elongation: 12% (min)

- Hardness: 170 HB


Our Commitment to Excellence:


At Fushun, we are unwavering in our commitment to excellence. We ensure that every aspect of our steel strip production adheres to the highest quality standards. From sourcing superior raw materials to employing skilled technicians and implementing stringent quality control measures, we guarantee that our products surpass industry expectations. Our dedication to international norms and regulations ensures the reliability and consistency of our cold rolled steel strips.


Why Choose Fushun?


1. Uncompromising Quality: Quality is at the core of our operations. We conduct meticulous quality checks at every stage of the manufacturing process, ensuring that our clients receive products that meet their exact specifications and requirements.


2. Advanced Manufacturing Facilities: Equipped with cutting-edge machinery and equipment, our manufacturing facilities enable us to produce cold rolled steel strips with exceptional precision, consistency, and efficiency.


3. Expert Team: Our team of highly skilled professionals possesses extensive knowledge and experience in steel strip production. Their expertise, coupled with their commitment to customer satisfaction, guarantees exceptional service and support.


4. Global Reach: With a vast distribution network, we cater to clients across the globe. Our robust logistics capabilities ensure prompt and efficient delivery of orders to any destination.


We are thrilled to present this order for AISI 1050 high carbon steel grade, comprising 25 tons of cold rolled steel strips. Fushun's commitment to excellence, combined with our extensive expertise in the field, positions us as the preferred choice for clients seeking reliable steel strip suppliers. We invite you to explore our comprehensive range of products and experience the Fushun difference.


For further inquiries or to place an order, please contact our dedicated sales team. We look forward to serving you and establishing a mutually beneficial business relationship.


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